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Working in Malaga

Malaga relies heavily on its tourism sector, new investments have kept the construction industry busy and thousands of people are employed in the city's high-tech, science and industrial park. Find out more about the local economy, job hunting and work permits in this guide.

In terms of economic activity, Malaga ranks behind only Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia in Spain, even though it is the country's sixth largest city. Expats who wish to start working in Malaga will also find there are opportunities in the fast-growing transportation and logistics sectors. 

Local Economy

Technology services, construction and tourism are the three main industries in Malaga, but the local economy is diverse and expatriates seeking jobs in Malaga will find a wide range of openings available in the city.

The Malaga: Open for Business campaign has increased foreign investment in the city and the new port development is a sign that the city is going places and becoming a more attractive place to move to for foreigners from all over the world.

Malaga's pleasant climate is always going to make it an appealing location to relocate to, but the thriving local economy is helping Spain to get back on its feet after it was badly affected by the Eurozone crisis. New infrastructure, such as the AVE and the maritime station, has been useful for the city's growth in the last few years. 

Job Hunting in Malaga

Malaga's busy tourism season means that for the six months of summer there are plentiful opportunities for expatriates seeking seasonal work in a sunny climate. 

Sites such as ThinkSpain, reed.co.uk, RecruitSpain and XPATJobs can be useful places to search for jobs in Malaga online.

The Olive Press is regarded as one of the best English-language newspapers in southern Spain and may carry job advertisements. 

Work Permits for Malaga

Anyone interested in working in Malaga must be over the age of 16 and if they plan to be self-employed they need to be at least 18. 

Authorization to work in Spain must be requested by the employer that is offering the labor contract, while a work visa can be obtained once residence and work authorization have been issued.

Foreigners moving to Malaga must register with the corresponding Social Security scheme once they have arrived in Spain and also apply for a foreigner identity card.

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