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Looking for a new opportunity in Sweden (Malmoe)

I am currently in Sweden and I've been living here for 8 months now. I really love the place and everything about Sweden. I've always wanted to live in this country specially because my family is here. So, i decided to visit the country and see everything that I need to know about the place, the employment, economy and etc. Over the course of my stay here I deeply fell in love and would really want to stay here for good. However I don't know where to start or what to search for. I'm looking for a job right now that would best fit my skills. I'm just not sure though if there would be any companies or employers that would be interested in hiring someone like me. I'm willing to go back to the Philippines to process my permit if I have to.

I used to work in an International BPO company or call center as a Customer Service, then as a Technical Support for an internet service provider in the US and was promoted as a Trainer for Learning and Development. I can speak English and a beginner in the Swedish language. I hope you can provide any suggestions or any opportunities that would help me in this journey.

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