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Theatre in English: Lettice and Lovage (Malmoe)

Don't miss this delightful very British comedy in Malmö. Performances are in English.
Lettice and Lovage by acclaimed playwright Peter Shaffer. The third play in a season of quality English theatre at Teaterhuset Bastionen opposite Malmö Central Station.
Playing 18/19/20 January Protected content .
More info:
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With a seasoned cast. This play - a gem of English repartee, - was originally written specifically for Maggie Smith.
The plot??
What happens when two intellectual genteel ladies decide to tackle the uglification of modern Britain armed with an Elizabethan quaff of vodka and lovage and an executioner's axe?!

"If this is not Prince Charles’s favourite play, it should be! “
(The Express Newspaper)

Protected content Award for Best Play on Broadway

"An evening of enchantment and delight."

Lettice Douffet, theatrical fantasist, is the most eccentric tour guide ever to lead bored American and Japanese visitors through one of England's dullest stately homes. So Lettice decides to embellish its history with increasing abandon and straitlaced Lotte fires her for doing so...

The company?
Playmate Theatre Malmö has presented 2 plays in Protected content . The intellectual, witty, moving, and very British staged BBC monologues "Talking Heads" by iconic Alan Bennett. Then in September, the powerful, sexy, dramatic American comedy thriller "Venus in Fur" (in collaboration with Down the Rabbit Hole Theatre Copenhagen.) We are delighted to say both plays sold out. They brought the house down in Malmö and Copenhagen!
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The cast:
Boel Marie Larsson
Vanessa Poole
Kevin Benn

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