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Help an areas to live (Malta)


Hi We have just spent a wonderful week in Malta mainly trying to establish if we could live there. We love it but we have a few unanswered questions on towns and what they are like. sometimes your initial feelings may be wrong.
We would like a town that has a few coffee bars (with seats outside if possible) and a few local restaurants, not snack bars/take aways.
the areas we like are Tarxien, Paoloa, Marsascala, and now possibly zetjun although not seen this town.
we don't want a town that is sleepy but don't want a party town, looking for a townhouse but unfortunately low budget able to do renovations and need 2 bed.
so Paola did not get good vib very noisy and chaotic on man road, tarxien had sufficient shops felt nice, marsascala liked but worried it is seaside town with many transient people so goes dead in winter. Zetjun have no clue
anyone who can say why you like or do not like these places please can you respond.
It may help us decide or if you live in one of these towns?

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