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Information on Move to Malta - Australian/Canadian

I'm new to InterNations, I just joined as a way to possibly meet other Canadians or Australians who have moved to Malta and may be able to help clarify a few things for me. I'm looking at moving to Malta in March Protected content with my husband, he has a dual nationality of Japan and Australia and I'm dual with Canada and Australia. He's going to be trying to start a business and seems to be going along well with his permits etc.... however I've been finding it hard to get a realistic idea of what employment is like in Malta. I don't qualify for the work/holiday work permit offered between Australia and Malta as I'm now too old, but my understanding is that it would be best for me to just land in Malta as a tourist and then apply for work??

If anyone knows, could you please clarify.
1. is it best for me to apply for jobs internationally or locally for Malta
2. If I do gain employment, may I remain in the country while my permit is being processed.
3.what are good employment websites for Malta where I could look for Executive Assistant work, Personal Assistant work or Hotel Management.
4, Anything else you could advise me on would be greatly appreciated. This is still a fairly new decision so I'm looking for information on everything.

Thanks heaps.


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