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Looking for a new flat from November/December (Malta)

Hi all

It might be early to start looking, but the earlier the better I guess. I have a flat at the moment for a six month contract that I only took because it was cheap and almost impossible to find decent flats for a good price on the summer. I will therefore be moving out as soon as my contract is up, so around November/ December. Expecting prices to be a bit lower then.

Ideally I would want to pay around €500-€600, but might be able to stretch to €650 for the right flat.

What I want is:

Minimum one bedroom flat (more rooms is a plus)
A communal swimming pool (know this is a bit hard to find)
A balcony/roof terrace or garden.
An electrical washing machine (have a manual one now that is a nightmare to use)
Bills included in the rent would be a big plus, would obviously consider paying more than my budget then.
Wifi would be a plus
Air con not necessary, but again a plus
Would like a quiet street or a flat where the bedroom doesn't face the street.

I work in Mosta, so want to be close to Mosta. Mosta would obviously be the best area, but I will consider areas around Mosta as long as there's busses going. I would only want to take one bus and no more than 30 mins on the bus. At the moment I live in birkirkara that is fairly close to Mosta, but I'm not a big fan of the area. I might consider bugibba or St. Paul's bay or around those areas.

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