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Moving to Malta

Hi everyone,
I received a good job offer in Malta, so I went there for a week-end to visit the island, but it's not enough to understand how people live there. Moreover, in this period there are a lot of young tourists and it was very chaotic!
I must give them an answer within a couple of months and I'd like to have some more (social) information to take a decision.
Is it simple to rent an apartment? Is it expensive? (1/2 room near Sliema)
How is the quality of life for people over 30 years old? Is it simple to find friends?
I already have all the important information about contract, etc. and I know that my questions could seem stupid, but it's an hard decision to leave the place where I live, also because I have a job here, but in Italy life is harder.
Someone could tell me about his own experience?
Thank you in advance for your help!

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