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Moving to Malta. Stressing over school.



Just found out we're moving to Malta and aiming for an August move so that our 4 year old (who turns five in September) can start 'big' school. Our main priority above everything else is to ensure she has a school to attend as we've just managed to get her a place in the country we currently reside and that was a process in itself.

Really stressing out as, of course, we want to send her to a good school.

Open to both state and private school (although at the moment leaning towards state slightly as I want her to be immersed in the language).

Would appreciate any sort of advice/opinion on which schools are the best, how to apply, which will provide the best qualifications etc.

Ideally, if we had to pick an area it would be Sliema or the surrounding areas. But, again, open to others.

Thanks in advance for helping me not panic!

Also, any tips at all on good neighbourhood for a young family to live, things to do with a child (up for anything at all as coming from a small Caribbean island everything will be new and exciting), good places to eat (both local and others), things to be mindful of when look at places to live etc etc.

Basically, any advice at all which you might think is useful for someone moving there having never visited before.

Thanks again.

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