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OrdinaryResidency-EU Citizen&NZ partner - help pls (Malta)

We would greatly appreciate some advice on obtaining Ordinary residency in Malta
My partner, Philippe, is a French Citizen and I am a NZ Citizen. We have been in a de-facto relationship since Protected content .

Question 1: Family Reunification

Can Philippe sponsor me and my sons ages 18 and 20?

We have been in a relationship since Protected content .

Proof of relationship can be supported with air tickets to same travel destinations, utilities and insurance bills in joint names.

Also, Philippe's NZ permanent residency was sponsored by me. We have some documentation on this.

Question 2: What forms are required

What are the forms that we need to complete for Philippe to apply for Ordinary Resident and for him to sponsor me and my sons?

Question 3: Self Sufficiency

Please confirm the self-sufficiency requirement for Ordinary residence is available funds of Euro 23,500 if married. Does this apply for couples who are not married?

Also, can this proof of funds be in the form of savings in bank accounts outside Malta?

Question 4: Time frame for the application

How long does it take for the application for Ordinary resident to be processed and approved?

Question 5: e-Resident card (I assume we will be issued with this card)

Once the Ordinary Resident application is approved, will Philippe, myself and my sons be given an e-Resident Card which is valid for 5 years? Are we eligible to apply for citizenship after 5 years of Maltese Residency?

Question 6: Eligibility to work
Does the Ordinary Resident visa or e-Resident Card allow all of us to seek employment and be employed?

Many thanks in advance for your help and for sharing your experiences.
It will be greatly appreciated.

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