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Schools in Malta


I am currently living in South Africa, and will be relocating to Malta in 6 months.

I have 2 sons, on aged 5 and the other aged 1. I believe Malta has 3 types of schools, Public Schools, Church Schools and Private (International Schools). I am not keen on the Public Schools considering my children will have to learn Maltese which is not their nor my mother tongue. I am looking for a school that teaches in English.

Can anyone please assist with the following:
1. Describe what the church schools are like.
2. Do the church schools teach in English?
3. What are the fees like for the church schools?
4. Can anyone recommend private schools? I have already contacted San Anton, San Andrea, QSI and Verdala. San Anton and San Andrea have no place for the Protected content school year and QSI and Verdala seem extremely expensive and I am looking for other schools.

I would appreciate any assistance and comments with the above.

Thank you.

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