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hola nicaragua! (Managua)

Hello everyone! My name is Rebekah. My husband, Jeremiah, and our three daughters ( 5,7,&14) are planning our move to Nicaragua. We are a rather yoing retiref couple( i am 31 and my husband is 33). We have travelled the world during oir rime as active duty soldiers. Now that we have secured a permanent retirement income, we are looking to retire where our money will be sufficient instead of both of us having to work fulltime in order to make our ends meet.

As many people moving out of the country, we are looking for friendly faces that could help ease the transition to Nicaragua. So, if anyone out there woild like to take my family and i under thier wings, please reply or contact me vi email. We have a lot of questions! Pretty much basic questions, but our searches on the internet have only lead us to outdated postings from years ago. Wed like to talk to current expats in Nicaragua.

Any expats with children our kids age? Where are the best schools, and what is the cost? Is it realistic to think our family can sustain off of 3k per include rent utilities schooling food activities etc.
Where are the best areas of Nicaragua to live in with children? What were the essential "had to bring" items you brought with you on your move?

Entering on the retirement residency we will be unable to "work" but are able to open up our own business...what types of businesses are currently thriving?
I do have an associates in gen ed, just short of my bachelors in psychology and criminal justice. Can i teach english asy own business? Or english tutoring? Even further, i am a freelancr photographer....any ideas what a person with my background could do easily in Nucaragua? Id prefer to be involved with a program working to assist the locals with improving thier quality of life.
I grew up in Puerto Rico and was fluent in Spanish as a child, but have not been active in keeping the language fluent. I imagine it will not be too difficult to freshen up and eventually be fluent again. Will there be an issue amongst the locals with my minimal and broken spanish?

Finally, for now, my husband and i are tattooed. Will this be an issue amongst the locals and thier culture? We do not want to disrespect anyone elses culture and will cover up in public if need be.

Hopefully this forum will help us locate some good people in Nicaragua whod like to help this family of five hit the ground running when we arrive in Nicaragua! thanks everyone for any assistance you can provide!

The Werner Crew

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