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Advices needed about Bahrain! (Manama)

I'm Nathalie and I'm from Québec (Canada) but I've been living in the Middle East for few years (Dubai). We might have to move soon to Bahrain for my husband's work. I never been there so I have few questions!

- Is it a safe country? I've read in the news that the force has arrested 60 Shia Muslims few days ago as they were protesting against the kingdom and so on... So I was curious about the safety over there as we have a 4 yrs old kid? Is it safe for the kids?

- Which areas are the best to live? I was reading about Seef... As we would like an dynamic area (restaurants, shops, hotels, cinema, malls....).

- Any places to go for a walk, to run or to go with my kid's scooter?

- Any recommandation for schools? I would be looking for KG1 (pre-school) and I would like American curriculum or International. We speak French but I want her to learn English!

- About the driving... is it that bad?

- Any general advices/recommandations?

Thank you so much for your help! :-)


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