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Business owners! Need help for a research (Manama)

Dear All,
I am International business student in Finland, originally come from Lithuania. Currently writing my final BBA thesis, topic: Foreign investment in Bahrain. Case company wants to enter Bahrain business market.
The aim of the research is to: find out the most suitable market entry to Bahrain for a case company, cultural awareness issues, advantages and disadvantages of doing business in Bahrain for a foreign investor.

My research is qualitative, so need just 1, maximum 2 interviews, with non-Bahraini business owners, doing business in Bahrain, preferably Manama.

Interview is not going to take much of your time. Just few questions about company experience in Bahrain market. Could be held by Skype or e-mails as well as private instant messages.

Final report will be published online, company and person has rights to stay confidential if asked.

Help would be highly appreciated. If you are available for interview, please contact me. Thank you :)

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