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Cleanliness on BAH Streets & A Clean Environment (Manama)

Hi everyone! :)

I was reading today an article about a Korean millionaire who in his spare time gets his gloves on and rids Bahrain's streets of the enormous quantity of garbage.
I think his unique initiative is such a genuine & respectful one, wherever you'd live in this world ... environment and Mother Nature should not pay for our lack of education .. and it is us and our so loved children and future generations who'll in fact be paying for our present negligence.
So what I actually wanted to transmit is: is anyone down for the same? I am ready and prepared to do this for few years now, after leaving this in the "project" stage for way too long ... Plus is more fun, safe and enjoyable doing this in someone's company/group rather than alone. What do you think?

And my second question to you all would be: does anyone know Mr. Yo Protected content self proclaimed "Boss of Cleaning"?
I would really like to meet him.
If anyone knows him, it would be such an honor and pride meeting him ... I would appreciate your hep a lot!!

Many thanks and I hope as many of us will follow his example!

P.S. Look at it as a "useful" early morning jogging session! We need to move .. better done in fresh, colder air from now, than a gym! ;)

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