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Couchsurfing Bahrain (Manama)

Last January and for months a man had been able on Couchsurfing Bahrain to spread defamation against me on the site. Nobody flagged him and the site denied me the right to answer some friends of mine flagged and a friend CS Ambassador tried but was rejected and now he stopped being CS Ambassador.

On CS with this man spreading defamation I had not been his guest or host we just met through this website. I wrote him a negative reference on the site but did not go to the police as I should have done it. I did not go to the police because jails are terrible in his country and he had already a case with a Couchsurfing member girl from Iran and was going to court in December as he told me. I had the problem with him in November Protected content . Made an inquiry. His girl friend confirmed me some very heavy issues so I wrote a negative reference. And he immediately reacted by spreading defamation against me. And the website deleted my negative reference immediately as it is often the case and even deleted my account.
I had no other choice than to meet the consulate of his country. They were very nice and received me 3 times with two vice consuls. The case went at the Ministry of Foreign affairs of his country.

They did not give me any further news.

I went back in his home town to find his past court cases that I found and it was impressive. He had a lot of court cases past and on but still had not been jailed. He had been condemned those past years to 2 months and half jail term for hacking and threats which he did to me on the website by private messages.

I met him as he asked me to come and meet him. He was nice and seemed normal but very fast he became aggressive again. I left but understood he was suffering from a king of multiple personality disorder I tried to not cut off with him to be nice, He asked me to meet his mother without him to talk with her. After told me he would meet me and his mother in the same time. He knew that I would tell his mother about all the problems, But after he became the manager of an hotel and let down the project. I left his country.

The reviews about him on Airbnb and Tripadvisor could not be more awful. And that is what I saw that he had good reviews and no negative references on Couchsurfing but so many bad reviews on Airbnb and Trip advisor.

I still did not go to the police but asked a lawyer to find the court cases on in case I would have some problems with him again to protect me.

Couchsurfing deleted his account after 6 months of spreading defamation agaisnt me. It is long 6 months with your real name on internet and when you have a career in the Middle Est.

Couchsurfing did not allow me to reply so I am using this website as I know a lot of people from CS are on Internations.

The same story happened to a French girl in Dubai Couchsurfing left a man spreading defamation against her for 5 months on the wall after she left a negative reference. She had 63 positive references and this man was new on the site with zero reference.

Still she had a photo and her name being exposed to the crowd for 5 months and it is when she decided to alert Interpole that the guy deleted by himself the defamation on the wall.

Etisalat is powerless and could not help her.

I just wanted to say that yesterday I received a letter from the government of his country and they sent the case to the prosecutor directly without me asking for it and so it is a court case without me asking for it.

And so this man might be sent to jail when it is not what i wanted. I just wanted him to stop spreading defamation.

The jails are horrible in his country and he needs medication and to be followed by doctors and maybe to be put a guardianship but not to be put in jail but I am afraid it could happen as he has a lot of court cases on.

I wanted to write this message because on Internations this would not be possible as Internations has a fantastic team to watch the problems. It seems Couchsurfing has outsourced his suppor team a lot ot say about it.

But what I wanted to say is that to spread defamation against someone on a website can have serious consequences. I am no more on Couchsurfing and even if I was, Couchsurfing would not allow me to post this comment. Everybody would flag it and it would be deleted so nobody would be informed.

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