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Dear All,
Protected content Nidhin from India and working here in Bahrain.
Today I would like to bring your attention to a major problem our planet is facing , and I know that all of us heard about that and had been talking about this for long years. And these talks and seminars is just making it big , so let’s join our hands and give our time to do our part as we are also a partner in creating this problem.
We all are using resources of earth saying we are paying money for that , that’s why I told in beginning that we are also a partners in creating this problem
For eg. We are using paper, plastic, petrol etc , but did we ever think how much pollution and deforestation behind these products ?
Protected content talk about our self as smart people and write on papers “SAVE TREES .. SAVE EARTH “ without thinking these papers are made from wood and large area of forest are cleared for the same.
If things go like this our grand children or their sons will have to fight for water , food or even fresh air to live. The recent photos from refugee camps shows us , food , water and shelter are the basic needs of human.
So in short , all other things comes after our basic needs .
Let us join our hands, discus and do something in real in this little island of pearl for our future generations and for us also …..
My opinion is all countries should be self sufficient of food not for taller buildings or other infrastructures, I’ am not saying all these are not necessary, but we are forgetting our basic needs..
My request to this group : Can we plant some trees in vacant areas or make some agriculture even if we will not get profit from that other than some fresh and organic food for our self ?
Our basic needs should be the base stone and rest comes on top of that….

Hoping to get some support and ideas from all ……….

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