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Employers Who Don't Pay Their Staff (Manama)


Hi, All Happy Holidays

Calling all Lawyer out there!!
I have a pending court case at the courts in Bahrain against my employer. I have worked in Bahrain for over 8 years. I have never been treated like this in the whole of my teaching experience.
Due to my employer refusing to pay my salary the Christmas vacation is approaching and l certainly will not be getting fat. I have contacted the Ministry of Labor in Bahrain. They have asked my employer to pay my salary.

My employer now has decided not to pay my November salary. My holiday salary for December is due next Wednesday.
l have been told that they sent my salary on the 23rd November. It was returned to their Bank on the 24th November. They sent this under the wrong IBAN number. Its a pity because for over 15 months there has been no issues. Now l have to wait until they tell me they find this salary and it goes back into their account. I have asked that they pay me in cash. Their answer is no.

Yes,l agree this is utter rubbish and it is against the Labor Laws to withhold my salary. However, if no one can help me l am to wait while these people play with my salary.
Hope that someone is out there who can help me to deal with my employer.

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