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Lost Baggage at Bahrain Airport (Manama)

I am writing this for passengers to be aware of the way Gulf Air treats its passengers and taking no responsibilities whatsoever. And of course, for some advice.

My wife traveled on Gulf Air from Kozhikode, India to Dammam, Saudi Arabia via Bahrain. The ticket is paid for Kozhikode to Dammam. The Bahrain to Dammam sector was by bus. She had three checked in luggage, she had two pieces of free allowance. Third baggage was extra purchased paying US Dollar Protected content 23 kgs.

Reaching Bahrain, she had identified all three pieces of luggage in Bahrain airport that was kept aside to load in the bus to Dammam leaving in a few hours.

Upon reaching the Saudi Customs on King Fahd Causeway she realized that her baggage is missing. When asked the caretaker/driver feinted ignorance and denied his responsibility. Out of guilt the driver called the airport and reassured us that baggage is there and will be sent to Dammam. We had reported at Gulf Air in-charge of the bus depot in Dammam upon her arrival. He collected all baggage tags and sent to Bahrain in order to dispatch the bags to Dammam. So far so good.

The next day, April 25, Protected content , we received a call from Dammam airport to collect our baggage as it needs to go through Saudi Customs. We have traveled 60kms from our place to the Airport, not mentioning taking time off work, to collect the bags. There we find only two bags, the one we bought paying extra is missing. Gulf Air staff said they will send email to dispatch the other piece as soon as possible.

Our ordeal started from there. So many calls to Dammam airport, Gulf Air numbers, Bahrain Gulf Air, Bahrain airport, baggage handlers and scores of emails no results. Initially, responses were “waiting for response”, “we will call you” etc. then turned out to be “could not trace”, please call the supervisor he will send you forms to claim compensation for the loss. Online complaints also said the same but no one wants to take a compensation claim.

Approached local Gulf Air office who said they are only salespeople don’t handle baggage loss. After some arguments, a person helped us by collecting details and send emails. He also provided a few numbers and emails to pursue.

While following up at airports, they declared this untraceable and lost.
A few days later, the airport Supervisor, refused to take responsibility and declared it was a mistake on our said and they can do nothing else.
Someone, please advise me what are the options left for me to get my lost baggage or compensation.

This was not expected from Gulf Air.

This is been 29 days!

Thank you in advance.

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