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Manama Books and Philosophy

Dear members,

I'd like to inform you that I'm seeking two consuls for (Manama Books and Philosophy Group).
In this group members are supposed to be involved in events and activities related to the following fields:
1- Literature : Novel,Poem,Drama,Short story, Novella , Myths , Graphic Novel…etc.
2- Philosophy: Metaphysics , Epistemology , Philosophy of mind,...etc.
3- Linguistics: Phonetics , Morphology , Syntax , Semantics , ...etc.
4- Languages and translation : Talking about your language's features, translating one of masterpieces into English, translation theories, ...etc.
5- General cultural features of communities: Tell us about your culture, how many cultures did you experience, the most interesting things about your culture,...etc.
6- and much more…

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in the position of consul at the group.

Notes :

1- The maximum number of consuls per the group is three, therefore I ll need only two persons to share the responsibility.

2- The potential applicant should have the basic knowledge of one of the mentioned fields or related topics.

Thank you all,

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