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Moving 2 Bahrain in Oct. (Manama)

Hello everyone :)

I thought I would have a go and post something because I am moving to Bahrain first week of October with my husband, 6 month old baby boy and 2 small dogs :) Seems like a good reality TV show ;) Anyways I have never been to the middle east and I do not know a single person. My husband has experience living in the Emirates and has filled me in on some important info but it always helps to get some advice of the expats living there.

We have been reading a lot about locations to live and it seems that Amwaj is a great place for expats and family life. My husband will be working in Zallaq so is it worth the drive for him? It is important we are in an area I will have some activity and not feel isolated :)

Driving in Bahrain? Seems pretty hectic but I am hoping not so crowded like Los Angels or London.. lol! Is it something that will take some time getting used to?

Baby sitters? Anyone have someone they trust and speaks English?

Any other helpful advice is always welcome and appreciated :))

Thanks so much in advance and looking forward to meeting some wonderful people :)

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