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Moving to Bahrain from UAE (Manama)


Hi All,

I have a job offer from a company in Bahrain and will be moving there in the next few months from the UAE. I have some questions about different things.

1) Work permit / Residency : I know my employer will take care of it but how does the process work? I would like to bring my family as well as my maid to Bahrain with me. is it possible to move the maid or do we have to send her back home and then reengage her through an agency? will I be able to also sponsor other family members like my mother?
2) Driving Licences: Both me and my wife have valid UAE driving licences which are 4 years old. Can we get them converted to Bahrain licences? what is the process? and do we get to keep the UAE licence as I would like to
3) What are the good areas to live in Bahrain? I prefer to live in a compound villa near my son's school (which hasnt been locked in yet but ideally the British school or the american one)


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