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Need something from Belgium (Manama)

I bought a thing for car from belgium now the seller is not sending it, he has it but despite the fact that i paid him money he spent it all on himself. And I dont want to spend money for postage second time because again he will eat it up. Thing is i know he has the item for sale beside for me he didnt cheat me on that but as soon as he finds a way he will rather put his efforts somewhere else instead of me. I paid him around Protected content for the item. If anyone can help just pack it in your bag and bring to bahrain and I will happily pay you for it. Incase you are wondering what this item is dont worry its not a weapon its not drugs its a car engine management computer known as Motec M600 you can google that and its wiring loom. This guy lives in Leopoldsburg Belgium. If anyone has a friend or relative that can get it from him Please its been 3 months now and he isn't sending. Thanks for listening for my troubles.

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