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Professional Reorientation Services (Manama)

Hi everyone! It's funny cus I don't use the site; not having any time left after work for more than a peaceful tea with my neighbor and Zzz.) And still, in this moment, you were the ones that came first into my mind.
I am 5 years in Bahrain now. Did here and before jobs I didn't like, and now it hit me that I actually want to tap-dance going to work too (a "Linkdin" article that made my day:). Did a career test. Pretty long, answering numerous questions so that at the end, its result showing me my top careers, based on multiple criteria .
Haa, no "executive assistant" between them - what a surprise! ;)

I'm tired living mediocre. I want to give my best, LOVE what I do and let that passion locked inside poor onto my work.
Now my question & my sigh: is there any company, association that offers guidance/assist/mediates such deployments in best careers or departments (considering skills, personality, etc.)?

An enormous THANK YOU to whoever can help .. or even just read all this text (even that's an effort). :P

Wishing you a good night, sweet dreams and may you have found your dream-job already! ;)

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