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Ramadan Timings for non-muslims (Manama)

First of all, Ramadan Kareem to all our dear ones celebrating this magic moment! May this special time of the year fill your hearts & lives with kindness, love, peace & good health!!! <3

Secondly, since I am 6 years here in Bahrain, but recently changed my employer, few months ago, I would like to ask someone's advice .. someone who might know the labor law here better than me: what is the actual law stating regarding Ramadan timing? I know UAE states reducing of working hours to 6 hours/day for both fasting Muslims and non-Muslims.
Moreover in all my previous companies, work would end at 3 pm during Ramadan, for all employees.

Can you please enlighten me, not with what the practice here in Bahrain is, but what the law states. Just curious ...

Much appreciated!!!

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