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Retired at 28? (Manama)

So it would seem I may as well just retire at age 28 as finding a job in Bahrain seems near impossible for me, I seem to fall into a bracket that is not attractive to companies - or so i've been told.

I've been in Bahrain for 8 months now, and have looked for work periodically during that time. It would seem going on the little response i've had from applications that i'm quite marginalised here in Bahrain.

I am a 28 year old British national with 8 years experience in sales and accounts, my previous position was Key Account Manager for a company back in the UK. I left 2 years ago to travel, and have landed in Bahrain - having family here and thought it would be a good place to settle for a while. I have a diploma in Business Management which I received at The University of Edinburgh in Scotland.

For not wanting to tread on a sensitive issue - i'll just say most jobs seem to be aimed towards "eastern expats", which the employer or recruitment agency may even specify this in the advert or, sadly, going by the expected wage.

I say retire jokingly as I don't really NEED to work at the moment but I would like to be doing something here other than lazing around the pool and shopping everyday.

Are there any jobs here for "western expats" that are not in the project world of Aramco etc. ?

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