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Salary/Affordability for a family of 6 (Manama)

Hi! everyone,

I have been offered a post with an Engieering company in Bahrain and my monthly wage would be around £ Protected content 1480BHD (I think). The company are offering around 850BHD for home rental with electricity, water rates etc on top. They will also pay for schooling and medical Ins. My wife and our 4 kids who are 8, 7, 3 and 6 months are moving out with me and my wife would need to get a 7 seat car on HP to get the kids to school, groceries etc. We will also need to take into consideration fees for clubs for the kids eg, swimming, guides and scouts. We would also be looking for a 4 bedroom house within a compound in the Saar area.

My monthly wage would be our sole income, so my question is.

Is this a decent wage/ package to support my family of 6 bearing in mind groceries, clothing, cost of kids clubs, car rental, fuel and car insurance and other general family activities such as eating out a few times a month, going to the cinema, waterparks etc.

Also if there is any other expenses that I havn't taken into accout / info to bear in mind, please let me know.

Any help/ info would be much appreciated.


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