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Teaching in Manama - the British School


My husband is applying for a job at the British School in Manama. We are a family of three with a five year old. We home educate so the only salary will be my husbands.

My questions are:-

- will one salary be enough to live on? We don't live a flash life but we need money for eating out once per week perhaps, the cinema and other bits and bobs.
- will we have enough money for a car or will that be part of the salary
- where will our accommodation be, a compound, an apartment, a villa...will there be amenities like a pool etc
- is there a good home ed community there like in Abu Dhabi
- is a car essential or will I be able to get around without one as only my husband drives
- is there organic fruit, veg and meat in Bahrain
- my husband is also a singer and acoustic guitar player. In the uk he has regular gigs in pubs, weddings etc. will that be a possibility in Bahrain

Thank you in advance.

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