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Tree of Life/ Jabal ad Dukhan OK by saloon car? (Manama)

Hi! This is more tourism-style questions, but I can't find the answers anywhere, so hope you can help. ^.^

I live in Khobar (KSA side) but next weekend will be meeting a friend in Bahrain (flying in from Oman). We will be renting a car and want to tootle around the island and see what can be seen.

I've already got Bahrain Fort, Bahrain Museum, Bab al-Bahrain etc. on the itinerary. But on Saturday we were thinking of driving into the desert and I had a few questions:

- Can the Tree of Life be reached in a regular saloon car (i.e. by paved roads), or do you need a 4x4 to get there? (I have been taken there once before but I wasn't the driver, and I don't remember what kind of vehicle we were using.)

- Similarly, for Oil Well #1 (where I've never been)? Also, I've read there's a small museum there; true?

- I've never been to Jabal ad Dukhan ("Mountain of Smoke" Protected content sure I remember even seeing it -- but is this the sort of place that: a) is worth heading out to if you're not planning to do any serious hiking or climbing, just for the scenery; b) can be reached without a 4x4?

Thanks so much!

Oh, one more question: Do people ever circumnavigate the island, just for the fun of it? Is that even possible? Looking at Google Maps, I can't quite tell if the roads actually run all the way around the island. o.O

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