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What do U do to an adult with ADHD??? :D (Manama)

How do you train an adult so that she/he doesn't look three times at the watch with still not knowing what the time is? I laugh or at least makes me smile ... but it is so frustrating at times. :)
Or one of those conversations when you simply can't stay with your interlocutor and fly away from there to your own thoughts .. and everything is again funny, as long as you can fake the consistent part you've so rudely missed out of your conversation.
Make me feel better, please, and tell me it happens to you too?!
Let me believe is just a way of keeping our mental health in today's crazy, fast, egoistic living ... and I'll very much thank you for it!
Hope you're ready for saluting the New Year!
Only smiles & the best for Protected content ...!!

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