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What to do / where to go in Bahrain (Manama)

Hi all,
I am new in Bahrain, just arrived 2 weeks ago... so still settling and trying to figure out how things work here ..
First I was in a hotel in Seef area, and the comapny has proposed to me accomodation in Seef as well which is good for me to get to work (I was told that roads get crowded during rush hours if coming / going to Adliyya ...)

Before coming to Bahrain, I used to live in city centres (Paris 7th / Toulouse / Casablanca) surrounded by people, people walking, u feel that there's life actually, but I noticed things are different here (in part due to temperatures here..) I feel that there's no life outside, no one outside ... or I just don't know the place very well yet

I think the issue for me is that I don't have a car and it's really hard to move around if u don't have one... for WE, afterworks, what are the places to visit, things to do here , where to go, and areas to avoid ??


Looking forward to the next gathering :) I ve heard good things about the island

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