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Relocation to Manchester, Derby, Sheffield, Leeds

Many of us have seen ‘Location, Location, Location’ and wished for their own Phil and Kirstie treatment. What I was surprised to find out last week is that there is already such a specialist, and one that covers the Manchester area too going by the name of James.
A relocation Agent takes the stress and strain of finding a property and moving into it away from you. The TV programmes show the easy bit, look at a few houses, pick the best, put an offer in, and no doubt move in a few weeks later.
It is actually almost as simple as that for the buyer, but only because a decent relocation agent does the rest of the work. Can’t find the time to search for possible houses? Call James. Don’t want to traipse up and down the country looking at houses that don’t match the estate agents’ particulars? Call James. Scared of negotiating yourself and want someone who will get that dream home for the best price? Call James. Concerned about the process after agreement, thinking you will be forgotten, guess what?

James told me that a decent Relocation Agent covers all of those points and more, I looked into it more and it seems that in the US, 60% of buyers purchase through a buying agent, and why not? There are some National relocation agents available, there are also Relocation Agents tied to Estate Agents but surely they will point me to properties that their colleagues are selling for some “double bubble”?
What else can a relocation agent do to earn their money? Well given that some charge up to 2% of the purchase price, they will search every property they find that may be suitable and create that golden short list that should save me many weekends of pain. They should also have a complete list of contacts for whatever I want, whether it be an electrical check, a borehole dug or transportation for my two rather large horses.
Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? Well they have, it’s only since the property programmes that people have been using them more. Thankfully I don’t live in London, I spoke to one relocation agent that would not search for me unless I was looking to buy for over £600,000, sadly I forgot to buy a lottery ticket last week.
Who uses this service? Well obviously anyone can use them, but this service is particularly helpful for the elderly who have trouble difficulties themselves, those purchasing from abroad, whether it be ex-pats returning or parents of students who would rather purchase and invest than throw money away renting and finally, employees who are relocating their staff and would prefer their employees were not distracted, it is after all the biggest purchase you will make in your life.
The best bit about all of this? James told me that he expects his team of negotiators to not only agree a price that is as low as possible, but to make sure the reduction more than covers his companies costs. I see that as a win-win in my books.
James W Drakeford is the Managing Director of Homefinders Plus, a relocation Agency that covers Manchester, Sheffield, Derby, Leeds and the beautiful Peak District. Homefinders are completely independent from all estate agencies and have an offer of 25% off their registration fees during the month of May.

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