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Working un Manchester?

Hi all,

I currently live in Uruguay, but I've been planning to move to UK for a while now (don't worry, I don't bite).
Obviously before going, I have a few questions that maybe you can help me with!
My plan is to move there having already applied and accepted a job in Manchester. But I have never lived outside Uruguay.
I work for an American Company with HDQ in Dallas, as Customer Business Support Analyst, working in the travel business.
I'm pretty good at selling and maintaining good and close relations with vendors/customers.
Also, I'm a part time photographer.

Languages: Spanish - Native / English - fluent - oral and written

Main questions:

>How hard and expensive may it be to find a place to live? is it possible to rent a room? any ideas?

>Also, how hard is to find a job in this area? like, for a Customer Care specialist, or Customer Business Support, whatever is related to dealing with people.

I would REALLY appreciate any help and answers. Would be nice to be able to move by the end of this year.



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