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9-ball tournaments (Manila)


For all those looking to play some 9-ball, I have been hosting a 9-ball tournament for the last 3 weeks in BF homes Paranaque. Its at a local billiard hall which has 3 pocket tables and about 6 rail tables (used for playing 3 ball). Either way, the tournament is mostly for fun but money is involved.

Every Saturday
500php to enter tournament
Registration starts at 6:30pm with first break at 7:30pm (Filipino time, maybe later)
You have to win 3 games against your opponent to advance.
If you lose, you will drop down to the losers bracket where you can work your way back up to the winner.
Rules are BCA standards
Pays out to 1st and 2nd place if we have under 12 people. Pays out to 3rd if we have more.

All money taken in goes right out to payouts (minus table fees). The owner charges an hourly rate of 180php. Usually we have had 9 people and 1st was about 2.2k php with 2nd being a little over 1k php.

This is really just for fun to meet new people and to simply play a game some love. I'm actually an 8-ball player but 9-ball seems to be what the natives like.

Location map is:
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Its not exact but its somewhere in that area off the Aguirre Ave street.

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