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Alabang (Manila)

Hello everyone

I have an offer to move to Philippines for working in Alabang. As far as I've managed to research it seems like ok for working and living but maybe you could help me clarifying some questions.

-What's the difference of Alabang and Ayala Alabang?
- Would it be worth living in Alabang or somewhere else within a reasonable time of commutering? (Taguig?)
- Which international school and Daycares are available around Alabang?
-Which international hospitals are available around Alabang?
-In which compounds should I find nice amenities, such are playground, swimming pool Gym, etcc and will not cost me an eye or a kidney?
- Are there variety of restaurants of different cuisines available at Alabang or should I travel to Makati to enjoy variety?
- What entertainment options should I be able to find in Alabang? Anything suitable for toddlers?
- Should I be able to find supermarkets such as Carrefour and Tesco around or only local ones? Are there a decent selection of imported goods at supermarkets?

Sorry for so many questions, hopefully you can help me out with some of them.

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