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American Buyers BEWARE (Manila)

I wanted all American buyers to see something.How you can handle this situation as a buyer I do not know.

My wife and I own a coconut farm, almost 1 hectare. We dont really need it and could use the money to put into our other investments. We have 3 other businesses. So we decided to put it on the market. The going price for a piece of property like ours is 350,000 pesos in our area. So we wanted to sell it fast so we dropped it to 180,000 pesos.This makes it more affordabe for the people, and helps to sell it much faster.

A neighbor girl asked if she could sell it for us. And we told her she could and we would pay her 10 percent of the sale. Now all of you know 18,000 pesos is a whole lot of money for a Filipino, especially considering people who work for our local government here hardly make 11,000 pesos a month. So a week later she comes back and tells us she has a potential buyer but we have to tell this buyer the price of the property is 300,000 pesos, because that is what she told the buyers. I was very excited I said wow so now you will make 30,000 pesos and we will get the rest. She said "ahh no, you get the 180,000 you are asking and I get the rest." I flipped out. I said no you get a percent, and if the owners ask me my asking price I will tell them 180,000 I am not a liar, and I will not scam or rip anyone off. Thats not fair to the buyer, NOT TO MENTION you making as much for selling MY property as i am making, is not fair to me. I paid for the land, I pay the taxes on the land, all you are doing is selling it. And you are not an authorized broker anyways. I also mentioned maybe if you tried selling it for our asking price you would have A LOT more people interested, these are hard times for the Filipino, most people can barely afford 180,000 pesos much less 300,000. It is so unfair to do that to your people and I will not be part of it.

So I sent some messages to people on here and this was one of the responses I got.

"yes that's the usual practice of brokers, they will just ask you how much do you intend to sell your property and they will do the rest of negotiation to the buyer, i dont see any wrong in that if they can sell it with the price they ask, right?"

TO ALL BROKERS This is not normal practice, you get a small percentage of your sale. the problems are this

1. Its unethical to rape the buyer of their purchase
2. it immoral to make the same or more money for selling a piece of property YOU DO NOT OWN!
3. It not nice or fair to take advantage of your own people.

My advice to you, if you want to make 120,000 pesos for selling a piece of property SINCE THIS IS CUSTOMARY AND NORMAL PRACTICE, you should have enough to buy that property from the seller, then you can make whatever you want on it huh? try that next time!

I am here to help the people of my community progress forward. I opened 3 businesses, to help me do this. I have the cheapest beer in the Philippines, isn't that ironic? We have lower prices on the products we sell than a lot of our competitors, and we offer better and more services than our competition. That is how you do business, You have to want to help your community progress forward TOGETHER. And I will do this for my people and my neighbors and my family who lives by me. And my structure has Blessed our business exponentially.

I have been pressured by the companies we buy our products from to raise our prices, and I will not succumb, I put my stores here to help the people of my community, I want them to be able to have a life and afford to have a good time to. I WILL NOT FALL TO THE SWORDS OF CORPORATE INJUSTICE.

ANd you know what? The people of our community LOVE us for what we do for them, people have a little bit more money now because of our efforts, they have more time to do the things they want because of our efforts. I don't want to be rich with NO friends, I want to be secure and happy with friends around me to enjoy the spoils of my success. Success with no one to share it with is not success at all. Its just makes you another rich stuck up!

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