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Animal Behaviouralist - need help ASAP (Manila)

As most of you know I relocated my three dogs over here from Sydney almost 2 months ago. Unfortunately the transition has not been a smooth one. One of my dogs (Staffy cross bull terrier) has developed some aggression towards the other two dogs to the point where I need to keep her separated or chained up most of the time.

It does not help that my work schedule is crazy atm either. Therefore I am looking for an animal behaviourist or similar that can assess her (and possibly do this offsite for a couple of days to give me a break) and help me. Im at my wits end at this point. She was never like this. This only happened in the last couple of months when my hubby and I started commuting for these roles here. But it has gotten worse in the last week and I badly need assistance. I dont want to look for another home for her or worse put her to sleep :(

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