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Are you dealing w/ a Licensed Real Estate Broker? (Manila)

Scammers are everywhere so be sure to check whether or not you're really dealing with a legitimate licensed real estate broker! How to do this?

To search by License number:

1. Go to the Professional Regulation of the Philippines Official Website
Protected content

2.Click on "Verification of Professional Licenses"
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3. Click 'Search by License Number"

4.Select Profession: Real Estate Broker

5. Fill in the license number of your real estate broker (add two 0's in the beginning ex. Protected content

6.Fill in the full birth date of your broker , click on Verify

7. A record with your broker's full name, Registration no. , Initial registration date and License validity should come out.

To search by Name:
Repeat steps 1 & 2, select 'search by name', repeat step 4,

5) Fill in the FULL name of your broker, must have first,second and last name. Make sure spelling is correct.

6)Click, verify, and a confirmation of your broker's registration should come out.

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