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Best area to rent in Cebu (Manila)


I was so looking forward to all the great things i heard about Cebu and i get here and its loud noisy and dirty. The only good thing is the malls. I must be in the wrong area because this cant be right. I like to sleep at night but ive been to 3 different areas and its like living in NY. I like more of a surburby feel. more residental feel. BTW The philippines is not as cheap as people think it is and you would think they would have more availability in fresh produce. But theres still a lot to love about the philippines. I was in Boracay for 2 weeks. that was too long. its more of a vacation spot, so i decided to move to Cebu but i feel like i havent slept in years. I think Cebu should be the city that never sleeps. LOL. Anyways can any one give me some advice

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