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Beware Loan Scam (Manila)

I have found it difficult as an expat to obtain personal loan here in the Philippines.
However recently I encountered an un ethical scam operator worth worning every one about. He claims to represent the Kotak Group from India and will almost instantly approve your loan and terms. Also claims low interest of 2%. BEWARE this guy is NOT real. Clue 1 he operates with a gmail account not one from the bank.
Clue 2 he will end up asking for large processing fee up front.. can't take this fee from the loan amount lol you must pay via western union.. No decent bank will do this!
I am skeptical by nature so did not provide him with the banking info he requested.. am sure if I had would be taking money from my account imediately
Any be very wary of anyone claiming absurd low interest rates ect ect.
If it looks too good to be true it probably IS!!!

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