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Blacklist question (Manila)

Hi expats and locals in the Philippines,

I want to ask your help and advices regarding blacklist in the Philippines,
specially if someone have actually experience of getting off the blacklist.

I emailed to Bureau of Immigration National Operations Center via email xinfo[at]
And they replied me that I need to submit following documents to apply for the lifting of Black List Order:

+ Letter of request addressed to the Commissioner of the Bureau of Immigration
+ Photocopy of passport

However, is there anyone who have done this and have sample of the letter,
as well as do you know the fee, and time of completion.

Here is my story:

Mar 06, Protected content , I flew from Hanoi to Manila, Philippines,
and was kept at Terminal 3 Airport with few other people.
Among 5 Vietnamese were kept there, 2 of us were released to the Philippines
and 3 of us were deported, include me.

I was kept at the airport for 5 days without clear reason,
no one told us what happened.

2 others who were deported, both have valid reason:
either return ticket is booked too far OR they don't speak English.

But I have return ticket on Mar 18 and can speak English well.

Before that I worked in the Philippines for 1.5 years with working visa.
After resignation, I still extend my visa regularly. My visa is always valid.

I was deported and included in blacklist.

Since that time up to now I mostly live in Ho Chi Minh city.
I wrote a post about it here: Protected content

In my current work, I do work with LEGATO project of German government.
This project is being implemented at both Vietnam and the Philippines.
Apr-May Protected content , I joined the project at Sapa, Vietnam.
And by the end of coming July, the project wants to have me at Banaue, Philippines.

I want to ask if​ any of you know any way to solve my visa problem?
LEGATO project can provide documents to prove that I'm a member of the project.

Thanks a bunch,

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