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Car repair problem? (Manila)

COMPUTERIZED ENGINE SCANNING and DIAGNOSTICS are some of our specialized services that we are proud to offer .

We are internationally licensed and trained Automotive Tecnicians capable to solve current vehicles ' extra ordinary troubles with the use of our specialized equipments on hand.

Our service center is equipped with the latest test equipments and scan tools to work with your cars.

Specialized Equipments we have :

other specialized services that we do :

AUTOMOTIVE AIRCONDITIONING/ here we do leak tests with the use of our ELECTRONIC LEAK DETECTORS / and AC MACHINE .We don't need to dismantle AC components just to find those illusive leaks !

AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS PEPAIRING / here we do all kinds of auto electrical troubles with the use of test equipments to those high end cars . we have the Factory Manuals to support the troubleshooting .

ALTERNATOR AND STARTER REBUILDING AND REPAIRING /here we do detailed tests , inspections ,and repairs . we have the complete rebuilding facilities equivalent to manufacturer's standards .

Scan tool SOLUS by SNAP-ON to read( check engine lights ) codes and data for GM/FORD/CHRYSLER VEHICLES / ASIAN and EUROPEAN VEHICLES

SMOKE MACHINE to accurrately pin-point intake vacuum leaks

PICOSCOPE DIAGNOSTICS to be used for deeper diagnostics procedure that the scan tool sometimes cannot detect like MISFIRES, ROUGH IDLES , NO ENGINE POWER,COMPRESSION TESTS, BLOWBY TESTS, FUEL INJECTOR TESTS, AND NO START .

Other scan tools we have are FOR MBENZ, BMW, JAGUAR, VW, VOLVO, PORCHE .


Protected content highly trained Technicians have the highest training in Automotive Repairs .THEY HAVE THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY AND DIAGNOSTICS PROCEDURES TO FIND AND SOLVE YOUR CARS DRIVEABILITY TROUBLES.

We can guarrantee that the specialized services we do in our shop will be delivered to our clients with pride and confidence .

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