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Cheap / Expensive / Same (Manila)


Hey everyone,

Just something to throw around, thought it would be interesting to see what people find cheap, expensive or the same here compared to where they're from.

I just got back from food shopping and a few things that stick out, Gatorade (which I am highly addicted to) is waaaaay cheaper here than home and probably why I am feeding my addiction even more!

Most grocery items I find are around the same as in Australia.

Eating out is cheaper, alcohol is definitely cheaper, I was drinking beers at Howzat yesterday for $1.20!

Clothes are cheaper but I guess you get what you pay for. The 100P shorts I buy last about 2 weeks before they split. The T shirts are ok and at 150P you're talking $3.50AUS.

Taxis - waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper! my ride back from makati last night 80P (but I gave him 150P coz he was a nice guy), the same trip back home would have been $30 or Protected content .

Rent is cheaper - my apartment back home would be at least 65,000P per month back home, I pay half that.

Gym membership - definitely cheaper here.

Cable and internet - around half the price of back home.

Electricity - Slightly less.

Mobile phones - extremely cheap here, I bought a phone for 699P which is $16AUS and there is no way you could buy a mobile for that back home.

Anyone else care to comment?

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