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Combative's Training (Manila)

Hello my name is Joe Landry. I am from Canada and am new to Makati. I am offering Combative's training for those interested. I also have training videos that you can access on my website Protected content . You can train at home if you don't feel comfortable learning in groups or even in front of me. I do offer private lessons if you want to take your training to the next level and to learn it quicker.

I also teach a number of other systems.
-The Self Defense Training System
-Wing Chun Kung Fu
-Pressure Point Defensive Tactics
-Open Circle Fighting Method

The System WW3 Combative's is the Evolution of the original WW2 Combative's taught to British and American soldiers. WW3 Combative's has everything WW2 Combative's has, plus pressure points, devastating hitting power and body mechanic understanding. It truly is the Next Level in Combative's.

Looking forward to being a part of your training and growth.

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