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Cultural Differences (Manila)

I'm Bart, and worked in the Philippines on my master thesis project this summer. Part of my thesis assignment is to evaluate the difference in work environment between Europe (I'm Belgian) and the Philippines. For this I need your help !!!

I have made a short questionnaire Protected content questions) and hope that you can share some expatriate experiences with me. Please fill this in by copying the questions and adding your answers in the reply. Even if you don't answer all questions. Additional comments are welcome !

Thank you for your help!

Questionnaire for internationals working in the Philippines.

Where are you from originally?

Is it your first assignment abroad?

How long have you been working in the Philippines?

Do you want to stay permanently?

What (general) position do you have?

What was your biggest initial culture-shock moment?

How do cultural differences influence your daily work schedule?

What is the biggest advantage of working in the Philippines?

What are the biggest frustrations you get from working in the Philippines?

What influence do cultural differences have on your personal life?

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