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Documents Notarized by Philippine Notary Publics (Manila)

Hi Everybody,
I have an article coming out in the next edition of Expat Philippines that discusses how it is possible to have documents notarized by a local Philippine notary public that are to be used in the US instead of having the documents notarized at the Embassy. Although it has not been published yet, I thought I would let you in on this that such a thing is possible provided the requesting party does not insist on having the documents notarized by a consular officer. Here is a sneek perview of the article:

"In the United States, professions, like notary publics are regulated by state law and not federal law. As such, a person can attend medical school in Israel and provided the regulations are satisfied, that person can practice medicine in New York the same way a person who graduates from Ateno Law is eligible is eligible to take the bar in California. As a result, when the reason for the notarized document is to be used for state matters such as a bank loan, title search, or an application for admission to the New York State Bar (which I can personally testify about), more than likely, a document notarized by a Philippine notary public will be accepted in the United States."

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