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Donate to support the children of San Apolinario (Manila)


Wanted to share with you a fundraising project that I have set up! It would be great if you would consider making a donation. Your participation in the project would be greatly appreciated.

I have been living in Mindanao this year. It was truly an amazing experience where I met people from all walks of life. The place I was living was but a stone’s throw away from a makeshift town known locally as the bay bay- meaning seafront. Every morning the children would walk to and from school on the road in front of my house. It was only natural that I befriended many of the children. It was their amazing life stories and seeing firsthand the socio-economic challenges faced in this rural community that motivated me to reach out to you and ask for a donation to the San Apolinario Elementary School fund-raising project.

With your help, the development project will support the students by bringing needed improvements to the schools sanitation and hygiene facilities. The aim is to create a healthier learning environment for the students by providing better facilities such as new toilets and a hand washing area, while also changing the hygiene practices through educational material and teaching.

We have 70 days to raise our 2,500 EURO target. This priority has been reached through close consultation with the principle and teachers. At a later stage we hope to be able to deliver other projects in the pipeline, such as improving and upgrading the class rooms and teaching equipment.

If you have any questions regarding the project or want to learn more about how your donation will make an impact on the lives of the students, please do get in touch. If you are unable to make a financial contribution at this time but want to support the project, please do share the link to the fundraising website and encourage your friends and family to support the children of the San Apolinario Elementary School.

Make your donation on the fund-raising website: Protected content

Watch the video: Protected content

Thank you! Please give what you can, it all adds up!

All the best,


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