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Energy Audit Partner/Investor Wanted In Davao (Manila)


I'm an American living in Davao Philippines. I want to do Energy audits here and put together presentations showing clients how much I can save them thus showing the outcome of such an audit. I can then show them their options of improvements to their buildings and what products (I buy wholesale) we can install to save them big on their energy bill. In most cases, they can save over 50% and I then show them how fast they can pay for these improvements and quickly recoup the savings big time.

I have found out over my last few years of studies here that this is adamantly needed in almost every building and home here. I have a 40 year construction background and currently a designer but I wish to get this jump started yet have limited funds to do so. Sales training cost and support, equipment and supplies and much more cost in working capital. Expansion cost to other locations as well. I have two leads here in Davao once I prepare my approach as an energy consultant. Attempt will be to propose a fee to do the audit which is really needed due to that amount of time to gather data, measuring the structure, making diagrams and inputting this into an excel program to produce a PowerPoint report with graphs. It's estimated to take a couple weeks to do this audit depending on the size of the building.

I just see so much waste here; malls with their doors wide open, no use of double pane glass, cheap ceiling insulation, poor attic insulation and ventilation and missing seals on doors and windows and most of all, old aircon units as we now have solar aircon units available. The list goes on and on but you get the point. You'll read into this but find it's really a gold mine for this here. I need a strong partner player in this and it would include any marketing skills. Interested?

Email me at; Protected content or text my smart number, Protected content

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