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Expand Your Business (Manila)


As a fellow expat l understand the challenges of building and expanding a business in a foreign country.

Here is my question: Are you using online marketing and social media to expand your business?

It does work and if done right will get you new leads, new clients and build your brand.

I recently started Social Merkado (Market) based in Cebu bringing together my 10 years of online marketing experience with my beautiful wife's social media experience and within a short time we had 3 clients simply because the first one had to tell people about the great success he had.

There is a lot of talk about how social media is the "golden" sales tool for business. It's not. However it can play an important part of a companies marketing strategy and is a necessity. Online Marketing though is a lead driver and client finder. Together they will expand your business.

I appreciate you reading this and if your interested in learning more I would love to help you out.



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