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Filipino License Experience (Manila)


Get a fixer cause its almost the same price. Maybe 1,000php or less but not worth the time and effort. But if 1,000php is worth saving then here we go:

Before going to LTO, review this site which will tell you exactly what documents you need.

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Dont worry about the medical and drug test. They do that at the LTO.

Got to LTO around 10:30ish... not a good time BTW cause its too close to lunch time. If you already have a VALID license from your home country then you dont need to take the written or driving test. (saves you 500php in vehicle rental for driving test)

I had an expired license so I had to take both tests. I had to advise the Customer Service Rep that I had an expired license and wanted to convert it to Filipino license and was willing to take the Written and Driving Exam. He asked me for all my documentation of which I already had copies along with the originals. Copy of my driver’s license, passport with front page and last date of entry stamp page, and ACR card. He gave me an application and paperwork along with a number to take to the medical area for medical exam.

At the medical cashier I paid 300php for drug test and 100php for medical exam. When I first entered exam room I had to give them another 50php. They checked my weight with all my clothes, used my expired license to gather my height and gave me a quick eye chart exam to include a color blindness test. They took my picture, printed out some medical document with picture attached and for some odd reason said I had to pay another 50php. (I think it was cause I only talked English and they realized I was a foreigner).

At the drug test area, no fees and simply filled out some documents. They took my picture and got my finger prints electronically. Then I peed in a cup and gave it to the lady behind the wall. Sat for about 10 minutes and the results came back clean. I was approved medically to drive.

I took my documents back to the first window where they validated everything and made sure I signed everything that was required. Went to another window where they again validated my documents and took my picture again. They then told me that I had to wait for my name to be called. This was around 12:30. They didn’t call it till around 2ish and had me report to another window and took my picture again then they told me to wait some more. Finally I got called to pay my initial bill which I have no idea what it covered but that was 168php. Then I was told to go to the Lecture area close to the written test area.

There I waited some more and they called me in. I thought they would have an instructor who would give a quick review for the test. Instead they actually gave you Protected content with the answers already on it. The questions are basic common courtesy questions for driving. Very easy and basically reviewing them once or twice will give you plenty of time to pass the test. You review it until they call your name at which you go into the testing area. For a None Professional license you have to get 30 out of 40 questions right. Even though the question were easy I barely got a 31 out of 40 but that’s cause some of the answers were a little tricky and I really didn’t pay too much attention. I think the test took me about 10 minutes. The longest part was having to fill in the circle till it was completely black. I Could have saved more time if it was a check box or something.

I was advised to go to the driving test area which I thought was really strange cause I was the only one there and I tested with about 10 people. Since I wanted a motorcycle and car license, they said I had to test on both vehicles. Gave me a small Honda and had me drive around in two small circles. Apparently the car I was supposed to drive was out being gassed so they said they would still pass me for car. All I had to do was pay the rental fee for the motorcycle and car which was 500php….. yeah, something fishy about that but it was now 4ish and I just wanted it over and done. Went back to the office area and waited for them to call my name to pay the cashier. Paid another 518php and waited for them to call my name and collect my license. Done by 4:30ish.

Shiny new 3 year license in hand.... Woot!!!

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