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Foreigners, you're probably getting scammed (P2) (Manila)

Most Filipinos love drama and many of you are secretly wishing to be acknowledge if not revered. Deadly combination.

I’ve seen the most despicable posts here where people are trying monetise on their self-imposed poverty. They love to ask for “help” from anyone using sad stories of poverty and crime.

Filipinos love watching "dramas" and "romances", the more miserable and pitiful a lead character is portrayed, the better. Drama's are such a big part of our daily lives that people can't help but relate their lives to the things they watch (that's also why relationships here are overly dramatic and your girlfriend have such unrealistic expectations from you!).

If you really want to help someone, call the right authority and let them deal with this person or call Protected content ask for help on behalf of this person. If the person is truly in need, they would be directed to the DSWD, and while there is a tedious process to secure help from them, help does happen contrary to popular belief.

The DSWD is actually very helpful but most are just too lazy to go through the process.

Remember that if you tell a person that you will bring them to your country and they are willing to go through the lengthy process of securing a passport and visa, they are capable getting help from the right authorities.

E.g. A person who cannot leave a hospital can get someone to go to the DSWD and ask for a “DSWD promissory note.” This is a certificate issued by the DSWD that promises the hospital that the DSWD will pay for the medical expenses of the person so that the person can be released from the hospital.

There is locally available help when needed. If a local isn’t helping someone, there’s surely a good reason they have chosen to abstain. Filipinos are known for our camaraderie. There is even stronger camaraderie among poor people. That's why if you’re lucky enough to bag an exotic but poor Filipina to be your wife, expect to support your wife’s extended family, and expect her to always save some of her earnings/savings for her family.

If the “help” required from you needs direct intervention, do not do it without asking for something in return. Make the person work for it so that they won’t learn to depend on you. It also helps to secure you from possible predators and parasites. There is nothing wrong with asking for a collateral. Even the most honest bank does.


White-saviour mentality will hurt you slowly before it drains you of everything you have. And I'm not just talking about money, I'm talking about self-respect, dignity, faith in humanity, and dreams. Although, yes, kiss your savings goodbye too! You can't save anyone unless they are willing to save themselves.

I get it, if you come from a first world or second world country (or even a third world one but are slightly more privileged than whoever you're helping), you'll be amazed and humbled at the gap of other people's lifestyle from your own. I can't blame you. If you spend AUD 70.00 on a cheap steak, you’ll be happy for a little time but that joy isn’t comparable to the happiness it can give your lady friend if you spend it on her! She will possibly think that you're the kindest, and most generous man she's ever met and profess her love and adoration to you with such public and private displays of affection (mind you, the competition isn't really impressive to begin with). And where else can you get a house renovation for only USD 500.00? Yes, it’s good for your ego but you’re adding to our problem.

I REPEAT – YOU ARE ADDING TO THE PROBLEM. Everytime you hand people money who don’t work for it, you teach them to depend on a hand out! It’s a scientific fact that there is no proof that good things come to good people and bad things happen to bad people. So you’re off the hook, you don’t need to help people because they deserve it. Help them because they worked for it. Think about it, how long can you sustain supporting someone? If you can honestly say that you can continue to financially support a person, then by all means, go ahead. However, what if you can’t? Then what happens to the person whom you taught to depend on you? Or maybe you’re telling yourself it’s just a one time thing. Really? So if this person comes to you with some serious medical need (which is almost always the case), somewhere down the line, you will back down? Handing people money, things, or whatever support other than emotional, is adding to a systemic problem that is plaguing our country worst than poverty itself. You are robbing of people for their chance to rise-up from their current situation through honest means.

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